On the Lower West Side of Manhattan, a six-story warehouse is being renovated to accompany a new glass-skin residential building of eleven stories. This new building is a state-of-the-art luxury property, distinguished by its glass façade - a ten thousand square-foot "curtain-wall." The once-abandoned warehouse will be reinvigorated with living spaces and the addition of an art gallery, gym and spa, screening room, wine cellar, and a duplex guest apartment.
The integration of the existing brick building with the new steel and glass structure will create a zone of mediation between the past and the present. A small crease rising between the two structures, articulated with a set of cantilevered balconies, juxtaposes and differentiates the old and the new, inserting an interactive space into an otherwise neutral landscape. The crease as a system of inflections blurs the distinction between the external and internal environments - marrying urban experience with domestic privacy.

The New York City building code has here been reinterpreted: the horizontal plane of the traditional urban fabric is replaced with a diagonal surface that bifurcates the fašade. It integrates the strict building setback codes into a new, vertical landscape that folds and twists as it ascends affording differing vistas to each interior.

The renovated warehouse will be completely redesigned to mirror the aesthetic of its new counterpart. Its robust wood and brick structure will allow for a four-story addition in glass and steel - a wing of the adjacent structure. The setback intervals allow for terraces with views toward the passing Hudson River and the lower Manhattan skyline.

The spacious feel of the units harmonizes with the spectacular views and unobstructed daylight. A central core contains elevators and utilities, efficiently merging the hybrid structures. At the ground floor, the fašade bends inward; creating a more reactive streetscape that helps to foster the transition of the once industrial area into a residential neighborhood.
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